Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Almost done with first year !

Assamualaikum reader(s)

Okay , lets start .
Pejam celik pejam ta celik celik , duduk bangun duduk ta bangun bangun , tanpa ku duga da hampir setahun aku belajar dekat Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) neyh . *okay , bahasa mengalahkan budak sastera* Haha . Now , 3 papers more to go . Orang lain dok tekun menelaah , aku dok tekun meng-update blog . Haha . Nak buat macam mana , feeling nak meng-update blog tuu membuak buak . Hee . Almost a year I being student first year , there are a lot of memories . Sweet , funny , sad . They mixed together . I think being here I be more mature . I think so laa . But perangai still macam budak budak lagi . Hee . But the most important thing when Im far away from my family and try to be dependent . So far still okay . Not much problem except involving in relationship problem . Hee . *mengalahkan orang da kawin hang neyh* . Now struggling with final exam . Hopefully everything will be okay . InsyaAllah , amin . Hoping in second year I'll perform much better than this year . Be more dependent and more mature girl . Thanks to all my girl-friends and boy-friends that always with me . That's all . Byee peeps ;)

*me love you . LOL .

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