Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A day before tomorrow

Assamulaimualaikum reader(s) yang comel comel, handsome handsome *aku yang owner blog ney lagi comel, okay DIAM* Hehe

First of all, nak gitawu now my age 19 years 11 months 3 weeks 6 days. Along I can breathing until now, I learnt a lot of things about life. Especially how to become independence. *something like berdiri di atas kaki sendiri right* Hee . I'm admit im the one people who suka duduk bawak ketiak mak *ada aku kesah mak aku kannnn* . *awkwardface.JPG* Hehe . You know like what previous posted by myself LIFE IS TOO AWESOME ! You need to be more creative to make you life more colourful like blink blink. Fyi, I like laugh kuat kuat like kuntilanak, then enjoy with the rest of my friends. *hampa jangan jadi macam dak ni nah, buat perabih duit mak ayah ja* hee. But what I want to tell here is life is too short. Dont waste your life. Do something good. Try to improve yourself to be a better person. Thats all. Kbai.

Kamaruddin's daughter yang paling comel.Haha 

*Btw, sorry for english's error. Bajet ja neyh pandai bi, but at least Im trying kannn . Hehe . Hopefully, with age 20 y/o I'll be more a good person for our Lord, a good daughter for parents, a good student, a good friend. InsyaAllah *comelface.JPG*


  1. duduk bwh ketiak mak??haha....same lettew....
    mklomla budak comelkan kna la nyorok bwh ktiak mak..nt kna culik kn susah...hehehehe

    1. Kannn . Eh, awak sama cam kite. *gelak comel* hihi ;) We're same !